Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc

Green Label
Latest NAV
53.1811 EUR
Performance YTD


Assets Under Management
532m EUR
Dividend Policy
Investment Objective

The Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc aims to track the Solactive Green Bond EUR USD IG Index, a benchmark of EUR and USD denominated investment-grade green bonds issued by sovereigns, supranationals, development banks and corporates. The EUR-hedged share class offers the simplicity of a monthly currency hedge mechanism, which is embedded into the fund to help manage the foreign-exchange risk. Green bonds are fixed income securities whose proceeds are solely dedicated to the financing of eligible green projects focused on climate mitigation or adaptation efforts. The index constituents are labelled green bonds defined as eligible for index inclusion by the Climate Bonds Initiative, an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of investments for a low carbon and climate-resilient economy. Details of the index methodology may be found on www.solactive.com. Lyxor ETFs are efficient investment vehicles listed on exchange that offer transparent, liquid and low-cost exposure to the underlying benchmark index.


Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc

Green Label


Performance history


The figures relating to [past performances / simulated past performances / past performances and simulated past performances] refer or relate to past periods and are not a reliable indicator of future results. This also applies to historical market data.

Cumulative Performance

Product YTD 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y ALL
Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc ETF -3.87% -1.11% -2.08% -3.37% 0.73% 8.29% - 7.46%
Solactive Green Bond EUR USD IG Hedged EUR Index Benchmark Index -3.69% -1.06% -1.95% -3.15% 1.09% 9.25% - 8.43%
Data as of 13/05/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management

Calendar Performance

Product 2020 2019 2018 2017
Lyxor Green Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Monthly Hedged to EUR - Acc ETF 4.64% 6.98% - -
Solactive Green Bond EUR USD IG Hedged EUR Index Benchmark Index 5.18% 6.94% - -
Data as of 13/05/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management

NAV History

Date NAV Currency Fund AUM
13/05/2021 53.1811 EUR 533m EUR
12/05/2021 53.2016 EUR 532m EUR
11/05/2021 53.3543 EUR 533m EUR
10/05/2021 53.539 EUR 535m EUR
07/05/2021 53.5694 EUR 535m EUR

Dividend History

This fund does not distribute any dividend.


This ETF uses physical replication to track the performance of the index. As such, the holdings of the ETF reflect those of the benchmark index.
You can read more about our approach to replication in our pragmatic guide to replication.

Name Currency Weight
FRTR 1 3/4 06/25/39 EUR 7.86%
NETHER 0 1/2 01/15/40 EUR 2.49%
BGB 1 1/4 04/22/33 EUR 2.43%
IRISH 1.35 03/18/31 EUR 1.54%
DBR 0 08/15/30 EUR 1.5%
KFW 0 09/15/28 EUR 1.37%
OBL 0 10/10/25 EUR 1.16%
KFW 0.01 05/05/27 EUR 0.92%
KFW 0 06/15/29 EUR 0.91%
SOGRPR 0 11/25/30 EUR 0.65%
Name Listing Currency Quantity Weight
FRTR 1 3/4 06/25/39 EUR 37.28m 8.39%
NETHER 0 1/2 01/15/40 EUR 13.06m 2.51%
BGB 1 1/4 04/22/33 EUR 1.2bn 2.49%
IRISH 1.35 03/18/31 EUR 813.93m 1.67%
DBR 0 08/15/30 EUR 749.9m 1.4%
KFW 0 09/15/28 EUR 7,556 1.38%
EIB 1 1/4 11/13/26 EUR 5,248 1.04%
OBL 0 10/10/25 EUR 490m 0.91%
SOGRPR 1 02/18/70 EUR 43 0.75%
KFW 0.01 05/05/27 EUR 4,048 0.74%

This funds does not use sec/lending

Index Information

Full Name Solactive Green Bond EUR USD IG Hedged EUR Index
Index Type Performance
Index Bloomberg Ticker SGREENIH
Index Currency EUR
Number of Index Components 510
Further Information www.solactive.com


Coupon Rate (%) 1.28
Yield (%) 0.58
Duration (Years) 8.55
Modified Duration (Years) 8.5
Maturity (Years) 9.46
Convexity (%) 1.24
Estimated Monthly Hedge Cost (%) 0.01
Data as of 12/05/2021

Index Composition Breakdown

Sector Breakdown

Government 36.23%
Financials 23.66%
Utilities 19.67%
Industrials 10.79%
Materials 4.07%
Consumer Discretionary 2.61%
Communications 1.19%
Technology 1.07%
Others 0.37%
Energy 0.34%

Maturity Breakdown

1-3Y 9.85%
3-5Y 19.23%
5-7Y 18.1%
7-10Y 22.9%
10-15Y 9.06%
15-25Y 13.41%
+25Y 7.23%

Ratings Breakdown

AAA 24.53%
AA 24.25%
A 22.38%
BBB 28.84%

Currency Breakdown

EUR 78.97%
USD 21.03%

Countries Breakdown

France 21.51%
Germany 15.3%
Netherlands 10.9%
United States 10.19%
Supranationals 8.59%
Spain 5.15%
Italy 3.25%
Belgium 2.79%
Norway 1.91%
Ireland 1.71%
Chile 1.57%
United Kingdom 1.53%
China 1.51%
Japan 1.4%
Finland 1.3%
Sweden 1.29%
South Korea 0.94%
Indonesia 0.78%
Poland 0.75%
Hong Kong 0.74%
Denmark 0.7%
Canada 0.69%
Luxembourg 0.67%
Austria 0.67%
Australia 0.56%
Cayman Islands 0.49%
India 0.4%
Hungary 0.36%
Czech Republic 0.36%
Brazil 0.27%
Switzerland 0.23%
British Virgin Islands 0.22%
Portugal 0.18%
Lithuania 0.15%
Romania 0.13%
Mexico 0.12%
Peru 0.12%
Russia 0.12%
New Zealand 0.11%
Qatar 0.11%
Guernsey 0.1%
Singapore 0.06%
Philippines 0.06%
Data as of 12/05/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management


Main Fund Characteristics

ISIN LU1563454823
Share Class Currency EUR
Assets Under Management 532.2m EUR
Total Expense Ratio 0.3%
Dividend Treatment Capitalisation
EU-SD Status In Scope
Fund Type SICAV
Domicile Luxembourg
Replication Method Direct (Physical)
Sampling Yes
Securities Lending No
Umbrella AUM 42,347m EUR
Portfolio Managers Raphaël Dieterlen, Ghassen Menchaoui
Financial Year End 31/12/2021
Inception Date 21/06/2017
Minimum Investment 1 Share
SFDR Classification 9

DISCLAIMER: This fund includes a risk of capital loss. Investors therefore may not recover all or part of their initial investment. The redemption value of this fund may be less than the amount initially invested. In a worst case scenario, investors could sustain the loss of their entire investment. Be sure to read carefully the Key Investor Information document, and the “risk factors” section of a fund’s performance to better understand the risks involved.

Trading Information

Exchange Ticker Bloomberg Listing Currency Currency Hedged Listing Date Dividend Policy ADV 3M ISIN Fund AUM in CCY
BX Swiss KLMH BW EUR EUR 19/07/2019 Capitalisation - LU1563454823 532m EUR
Xetra KLMH GY EUR EUR 24/01/2018 Capitalisation 401,635EUR LU1563454823 532m EUR
LSE* CLIM LN GBP - 17/03/2017 Capitalisation 79,546GBP LU1563454310 456m GBP
LSE* CLMU LN USD - 27/08/2019 Capitalisation 25,313USD LU1563454310 643m USD
SIX Swiss Ex* CLIM SW CHF - 23/09/2020 Capitalisation 3,064CHF LU1563454310 584m CHF
BMV* CLIMN MM MXN - 29/06/2020 Capitalisation - LU1563454310 12,884m MXN
Xetra* KLMT GY EUR - 04/02/2020 Capitalisation 102,445EUR LU1563454310 532m EUR
Borsa Italiana* CLIM IM EUR - 03/07/2019 Capitalisation 1.25m EUR LU1563454310 532m EUR
OMX* LYXGREEN SS SEK - 15/01/2019 Capitalisation 18,472SEK LU1563454310 5,405m SEK
Euronext* CLIM FP EUR - 02/03/2017 Capitalisation 280,947EUR LU1563454310 532m EUR
*Related Shareclasses

Market Makers

Flow Traders
Société Générale
Data provided by relevant exchanges

Passporting Information

Data as of 13/05/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management


Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Annual general meeting Multi Units Luxembourg


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